3511 Cheyne Rd.
Zillah, WA 98953

The Two Blondes

The Camardas and Fleckensteins had been friends for years. The love of fine wine, fine food and travel was something they all enjoyed together - often with their kids. When the opportunity came for Chris to become a "farmer", to own and grow his own grapes, he invited Bill and Melody to joint-venture with him and Annie.

After tossing around many, many names for the vineyard, Bill came  up with "Two Blondes" to honor their wives. After trying to trademark French and Italian versions, he decided to stick with the all American name! The parent company is appropriately named CAMB which stands for Chris, Annie, Melody and Bill. Talk about originality...

Annie Camarda, a 6’2” blonde, was very involved with Chris in establishing Andrew Will Winery and later the purchase of Two Blondes. The mother of Lucia and Will Camarda, she died of breast cancer in 2005.

Bill is in finance and met his wife Melody ( a 5'5" blonde) when they were both working for the same Wall Street firm - Melody in NYC and Bill in Seattle. Melody keeps her brain sharp by handling the CAMB books.