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Zillah, WA 98953

Weather Reports

There are two Hobo weather stations at the Two Blondes Vineyard; an upper station in Block 8 and a second in the lower part of Block 5. The instruments are automated temperature data loggers which provide information to graph the temperature climate of the growing season. In addition to documenting temperatures from April to October, these temperatures are compared to long-term averages in Oakville, CA as well as to other years at Two Blondes. 

Oakville was chosen as a representative climate for Bordeaux varieties in California. There is a distinct difference in heat summations between Two Blondes Vineyard and Oakville. Past seasons show consistently higher heat summations at Two Blondes than at Oakville. Yet our heat fades quickly in the fall.

Average minimum and maximum temperatures, hours above 90, 95 and 100 degrees, and below 32 are all factors that not only determine the quality of a certain vintage but give us a climatic picture of this vineyard.

Each year, we see that our season is short but intense. Our reports are available below. We are missing data for 2010 due to equipment malfunction.